Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I am a single father. My son's mother passed when he was five years old. A huge loss that can never be erased and a woman that can never be replaced especially not by me, a man. There are many men who claim they are mothers and fathers and women who will claim that are moms and dads. The truth is that there are very special things brought to the role of Mom that a man will never bring. Things uniquely theirs. The smell, the touch the heart of a woman, a Mom. I los...t my Mom New Years Day 2015 and I know there are things that she brought to my life that my dad never could. I remember holding her hands all the time and how smooth and soft her skin was, she loved me unconditionally,her cooking, Not that my father could not cook, have had soft hands and loved me unconditionally but not like a woman would, like a Mom could. I was described by one a child as being " like a dad who is like a Mom", I will take that as a compliment with the understanding that i could only truly be a Dad. So more power to those of us that had to assume both roles, but the day truly belongs to the women who have bore children, adopted children, accepted children and raised children or relatives/siblings...the women, the only ones who can truly be called Mom. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Thank you, we love you here on Earth and in Heaven forever💜💕