Listen to your Heart

Sunday, February 7, 2016

I lost my father at 16 years old. It is a loss that I have felt for years especially as I raised my own sons. What me and my sons have in common is that all of our fathers were gone in one way or another. Mine because he refused to take better care of himself. If he had, he would have been here longer. Not only should we take care of our health so we can watch our children and grandchildren grow but to set a good example for our sons, future Fa...thers. Traditionally as Hispanics we are raised to take care of our business in private. There is a fear or weakness in seeking help outside the family. We should go to the Dr. regularly for check ups and when we don't feel well. There are physicals, prostate exams, colonoscopy, dental exams, eye exams etc. I am only 8 years away from the age my father was when he died. I know that I still need to be here for my family for many years. I asked my youngest son if he would move with his mom or his girlfriend if he got cancer. Who would take care of him? He asked, "you wouldn't do it?" . I understood then that in his heart he trusts his father with his life. Fathers should pay close attention to the message we are sending about health and taking care of ourselves. Once again we should lead by example and create a generation that understands the importance of being here not only to enjoy life but to be committed to the lives of those we call family, those who have come to depend on our presence, love and support. So don't listen to tradition or society, or machismo... Listen to your body and listen to your heart...its beating...let's keep it that way...