Happy Valentines day

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My middle son says that Valentines Day is for couples so he is expempt from this celebration because he is single. I say that Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love among our family. How do we show our children we love them? Do they know we love them? Our expressions of love come in many ways. I never thought that I would be a father who could afford to pay for things for my adult children just because I love them not cause they asked me too. I am ...so blessed to be in a position to fill up their tank with gas, pay for everyones dinner and put them up in a hotel room when they come to town. But without ever buying a single thing these boys sensed love from an abosolute stranger. They came to me from foster homes and emergency shelters and they had to trust that I would have their best interest at heart. I would tuck them into bed, kiss them goodnight, read them stories, hug them, hold them and be present every day.
We ate dinner as a family, took trips together and took family portraits. They knew that they belonged. They felt that they were cared for and loved.
My oldest will say "love you" when he hangs up on the phone and when he's leaving he will hug and say it as well.
My middle son will hug me and text me very often, he will say "have a good day today Dad" and "Goodnight I guess I Love you" and " we will make it through these tough times".
My youngest son will never really say " I love you" but he lets me hug on him or hug me in public, even if he feels hugs are awkward, or even lets me hold onto his arm in public while we are walking.
Each has their own way of expressing and accepting love from me. It all started with me being able to express my love for them. I think of my sons ever day! I cook for them, I deliver lunches at work to them, I send gifts in the mail. My whole heart belongs to these boys and I have become a better man since I met them.