Father at 40

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I am amazed that I have made it this far! My son turned 16, I am not dead, or in jail for murder. People say that the worst is yet to come. Being a father has been a challenge and a great learning experience. As I approach 40 years old here is the  father lessons that I have learned:

1. Listen even when you don't know what is being said

2. Play even when your not having fun

3. Eat even though they cooked

4. Laugh even when it's not funny

5. It's thier hair

6. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue til it bleeds

7. Break the rules a little

8. Love is sometimes painful

9. Sometimes you'll teach, sometimes you'll learn and sometimes you should just walk away (or run!)

10. Let go and let GOD!