Our Volunteers

The Family for Life staff includes caring volunteers who have extensive experience in working with children including: social workers, teachers, and parents - all staff members share a common philosophy and ethic that supports positive and well-balanced child and family development.

Arlene Mendoza, LVN

Arlene is our Camp Nurse. She is employed by the San Marcos CISD in the medically fragile unit at Goodnight Jr. High.

JC Wright

JC is currently a student at Texas State University. He has been a camp buddy since March of 2007. His interests are working out and working with children.

Britteny Sartor

Britteny is a Caseworker for Caring Family Network, a private foster agency in Austin. She has been volunteering for camp since March 2007.Her favorite part of camp is the Grin's after party!She retired from Family for Life in 2009 and has come out of retirement after having baby, Ian. She will be rejoining this summer!

Hugo Camacho

Hugo has volunteered at the most camps. He has been a buddy since 2005. He is an excellent artist and is our class clown. Hugo is so dedicated to the children that he drives 4 hours just to be a part of the Family for Life team!

Rose Oldja

Rose has been a family buddy since 2008. She is graduate of Texas State University.

Barrie Breed

Barrie is a Real Estate Broker and has been a buddy, a Board Member and now a Breakfast Volunteer since 2008. She is a mother of two children and enjoys reading books in the Trashy Ladies Book Club.

Leslie Saxton

Leslie is Tour Guide at Wonder World. She started Volunteering for Family for Life in 2009. She is the Administrative Assistant and has served as an auxillary staff and buddy at camp.

Juve Mendiola

Juve began volunteering with Family for Life since 2007. He works as a Juvenile probabtion Officer for Travis County and has a 3 year old son. He considers himself a F4L "Lifer".

Teresa Scott, RN

Teresa is a Board Member and a mother of 5 year Skyler Rose. She loves to be involved with creating art for camp from the portable murals to the crosses for Sights n Sounds of Christmas. She has been a camp buddy and a camp nurse. She loves to prepare meals and birthday cakes for camps as well.

Joe Rodriguez

Joe is a Board Member and serves as Public Relations Chair with various businesses in our community. He is a chef by nature and loves to cook for the campers and volunteers. He serves as a consultant to the Care Team.

Natalie Diaz

Natalie joined camp in August of 2009. She always has a smile on her face and has enjoyed being a buddy at camp. She is graduate of Texas State with a Masters in Social Work.

Addie Cantu

Addie joined camp as on the auxilliary team in 2009 and moved to Buddy status in 2010. She is a graduate of Texas State.

Fernando Yziquierdo

Fernando began volunteering in 2009.

Mari Garza

Mari began volunteering for F4L in 2004. She has a Masters in Legal Studies from Texas State and is the F4L President.

Ricky Torres

Ricky has been with camp since 2009. He is attending Texas State University. He is energetic enjoys being a camp buddy.

Lizza "Pizza" Rodas

Lizza is a RN and joined the camp staff in 2008. She has been voted Best Hugger! She loves camp and is extremely supportive of all the kids and volunteers alike.

Erick Rodas


Pat Fernandez

Pat is a Real Estate Broker and our Family Photographer. She takes family potraits of all families at camp. Pictures are ironed onto pillows for the campers and framed as a beautiful memory for them.

Irene Rodriguez

Irene is a dedicated F4L Board Member and has been volunteering with the camp since 2005. She is an active fundraiser and sells raffle tickets, candy and conducts garage sales to keep the camps going.

Tiffany Carnes

Tiffany is a founding Board Member and has been serving Family for Life since 2002. She is an attorney and mother to son,Kade. She enjoys competing in Triathalons and Marathons!

Jessica Clayton

Jessica joined camp in 2009. She was the camp photographer and now has taken the responsibility of being a buddy.

Matt Green

Matt joined the family for Life team in 2009. He is best known for being easy going and very patient. He is currently attending Texas State.

Sarah Green

Sarah is the General Manager of the Kyle Dairy Queen. She has a great sense of humor and her energy is a great asset to camp. She has been a buddy since 2008.

Anna Mercado

Anna has been a great Aux. Volunteers and has helped keep camp running smoothly since 2008. She had a great experience being a buddy for the first time Jan 2010!

Felicia Segura

Felicia joined the Family 4 Life Team in 2013. She is currently the Board President. She has served as a Camp Buddy, Board Member and Camp Aux Lead. Her favorite thing about Camp is: